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Enki Speaks Essays On Global Warming

Essay  22

Story Thus Far:

Enlil, Earth's Nibiran Commander, convened the Anunnaki Council, the leaders' sons and grandchildren and the Igigi astronaut commanders.  He ordered all to hide news of the coming flood from the Earthlings
who, he ruled, must drown. Astronauts with Adapite wives and children descended from Adapa must flee to peaks above the waters. Colonists would repatriate to Nibiru while Enlil as well as Enki, Ninmah and their children and grandchildren orbited Earth and all the Earthlings drowned.

Narrative (Essay 22) Resumes:


Enki dreamed Galzu spoke "'Into your hands Fate take, for the Earthlings the Earth inherit. Summon your son Ziusudra, without breaking the oath[swearing not to tell humans] to him the coming
calamity reveal. A boat that the watery avalanche can withstand, a submersible one, to build him tell, the likes of which on this tablet to you I am showing. Let him in it save himself and his kinfolk and the seed of all that is useful, be it plant or animal, also take.  That is the will of the Creator of All.

Enki woke and pondered his dream. He stepped out of bed and kicked an actual physical tablet now appeared next to his bed. The tablet showed how to build a submersible in which Ziusudra and his followers could ride out the deluge. 

Enki searched his home and grounds for Galzu but didn't find him.  None except Enki (in the dream) had seen Galzu.  Sitchin terms the appearance of the tablet--a physical object--after Enki's dream encounter with Galzu, a representative of a higher power- a twightlight zone miracle.

"That night to the reed hut where Ziusudra was sleeping Enki stealthily went. The oath not breaking, the lord Enki not to Ziusudra but to the hut's wall [computer bank?] spoke from behind the reed wall.

"When Ziusudra by the words was awakened, to him Enki said, 'Reed hut, a calamitous storm will sweep, the destruction of Mankind it will be. This is the decision of the assembly by Enlil convened. '"

Galzu tells Enki (depicted with his snake icon) to warn Ziasudra (touching the "wall"--probably a computer bank, depicted with Xs across the screens and slots for programs) of the Flood. Galzu guides Enki's arm to convey tablet (possibly a computer or holo disk. The disk leaves Enki's hand en route to Ziasudra's computer)

 [See for drawing from Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: page 194]

Enki continued, " 'Abandon thy house, Ziusudra and build a boat. Its design and measurements on a tablet....A boatguide[Enki's son, Ninagal]to you will come. To a safe haven the boatguide will navigate you. By you shall the seed of Civilized Man survive.  Not to you Ziusudra, have I spoken, but to the reed wall did I speak.''" [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: 220 -222]

13,000 years ago, around 10,900 B.C. E., "in the Whiteland, at the Earth's bottom, off its foundation, the [Antarctic] icesheet slipped. By Nibiru's netforce it was pulled into the south sea. A tidal wave arose, northward spreading.1

Before the wave hit, Enki's son Ninagal presented himself (as Enki promised) to Ziusudra.  Ninagal bore containers with "DNA, sperm and ova, 'the life essence and life eggs of living creatures it contains, by the lord Enki an Ninmah collected.  From the wrath of Enlil to be hidden, to life resurrected if Earth be willing'" [Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god, page 472]

"The tidal wave, several hundred metres high moved northward from Antarctica at 500 km per hour, like a giant circle around the world; it destroyed all lands lower than 2,000 metres above sea level."  [Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god, page 473]

 "While down below the avalanche of waters swept everything away, the  [so called] gods were orbiting the earth in their aircraft and shuttlecraft."  The Nibirans "cowered like dogs, in thirst. and hunger.  Ninmah saw and wept." [Sitchin, Z., 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, page 248]

"The boat of Ziusudra the tidal wave from its moorings lifted. Though completely submerged, not a drop of water into it did enter. For forty days, waves and storms swept Earth, downing everything on the planet except those on mountaintops and in Ziusudra's boat" [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 227].

The submersible: plans, ancient wall depiction, context of ancient wall depiction 

Surfacing, Ninagal raised sail and steered to Mt Ararata, where Ziusudra built a huge fire as a signal and roasted lamb as an offering to Enki.

Mt Ararat, Turkey

The orbiting Anunnaki surveyed the flood's results.

Enki and Enlil descended in helicopters (Whirlwinds) from their rockets.

"When Enlil the survivors saw, Ninagal among them, "`Every Earthling had to perish', he with fury shouted'; at Enki with anger he lunged, to kill his brother with bare hands he was ready." Ninagal radioed Ninmah and Ninurta to bring their copters down quick.

But Ninmah landed in time to stop her brothers from battle.We created the civilized Earthlings "now we are responsible for them."  she shouted to Enlil  [Sitchin, Z., 2010, There Were Giants Upon The Earth, page 249].

"`He is no mere mortal, my son he is,' Enki to Ziusudra pointing. `To a reed wall I spoke, not Ziusudra.'"

Enki told Enlil, Ninmah and Ninurta his vision of Galzu and the physical tablet with the submersible’s plan.

"When Enlil the survivors saw, Ninagal among them, 'Every Earthling had to perish', he with fury shouted'; at Enki with anger he lunged, to kill his brother with bare hands he was ready." Ninagal radioed Ninmah and Ninurta to bring their copters down quick.

"`He is no mere mortal, my son he is,' Enki to Ziusudra pointing. `To a reed wall I spoke, not Ziusudra.'"

Ninurta and Ninmah restrained Enlil. Enki told them how he'd seen Galzu in a dream, then, when he woke, found next to his bed, a tablet that showed how to build the submersible.

Together, Enki, Ninurta and Nimah convinced Enlil "The survival of mankind the will of the Creator of All must be."
[Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki: abridged from pages 228 - 229].2

1.  Nibiru, up to this point, had come nearest the Sun (perigee) every 3, 600 years or so until this Deluge--causing perigee, 10,900 B.C.E. .  This perigee, Miranda, a moon of Nibiru, hit Uranus and became a moon of Uranus.  The gravitational pull of Uranus on Nibiru sped Nibiru's orbit around the Sun to 3,450 Earth-years.  Nibiru's next perigee, when it's again closest to Earth, will be around 2900A.D., not 2012, as it would have been had it continued 3,600 year revolutions around Solaris. [Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End of Days, page 316].

2. The Bible, written after the flood, to justify Enlil, hides that he failed to drown the slave race. "The Bible was Enlil's propaganda and indoctrination.  Enlil realized that the only way to control humanity was with absolute power, control and fear, strong-handed, dictatorial tactics.  Enlil would be their god, ruling them through intimidate, fear bloodthirsty violence.  But he rewarded them for loyalty and obedience for complying with his commands." [Tellinger, M., 2006, Slave Species of god, pages 230, 377]


Jean Hudon (Veracity Series #22: Telling It As It Is!, (13 July 2008) archived at
warned "the Antarctic ice shelf collapse 'imminent.'  Scientists reported an Antarctic ice shelf the size of Northern Ireland verged on disintegration. The European Space Agency said new satellite pictures showed the Wilkins shelf- the largest threatened so far--hung "by its last thread".

The Wilkins shelf extended 5,600 square miles, it clung by a thin ice bridge to an island, but
 fractured and shows that Earth warms more quickly than predicted.  Warm water wells up from the ocean and attacks shelves from underneath. So far seven shelves on the peninsula collapsed due to climate change.

This, Ziusudra's (Noah's) Flood  13,000 years ago, has the same cause: Nibiru's perigee (the part of Nibiru's 3,6000 year orbit around our sun that's closest to the sun). The current perigee of Nibiru (2012 Nibiru's orbit had remained constant or 2050 if the orbit slowed in 10,900 B.C.E., when Nibiru arrived earlier, due to increasing drift from Solaris of Uranus. Uranus' gravity sped
Nibiru's orbit. As a result of this close encounter between Nibiru and Uranus, Uranus captured Miranda, one of Nibiru's moons.  Miranda then orbited Uranus as one of Uranus' moons. 
From 10,000B.C.E. on, Nibiru's revolution sped to 3.450 Earth years; which makes Nibiru's next return 2900A.D. rather than 2012 as predicated on the earlier 3600-year orbit
[Sitchin, Z., 2007, The End
of Days,
pages 315 - 317].

Whatever the actual precise perigee of Nibiru, the decades surrounding
Nibiru's return to the inner solar system, it can, depending on where
the other inner-solar system planets are in their orbits, create solar storms,
global warming, ice ages and floods. As Enki puts it, "The past the future shall be."

The icesheet on Antartica had built up from an Ice Age from 62,000
years ago. When Nibiru neared Earth for Nibiru's perigee, 13,000
years ago, the ice on Antarctica far exceeded the amount of ice there nowadays.
"As the ice sheet grew thicker, it trapped more of the earth's heat beneath

[and] created (by pressure and friction) a slushy, slippery layer at its bottom.

"Acting as a lubricant between the thick ice sheet above and the solid earth
below, this slushy layer cause the ice sheet to slide into the
surrounding ocean." The resulting tidal wave "spread northward
toward the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian Oceans. Gushing across the
ocean northward, the water rushed up the Persian Gulf. The abrupt
change in temperature and the direction of the slippage--northward--created
violent storms accompanied by torrents of rain. Moving faster than the waters,
the storms, clouds and darkened skys heralded the avalanche of waters.
"Then huge waves were also caused as the water receded from the lands.

"If half the present ice sheet of Antarctica (which is more than a
mile in thickness) were to slip into the southern seas, the immense
tidal wave that would follow would raise the level of the seas all
around the globe by some sixty feet, inundating coastal cities and
[Sitchin, Z., 1976, The 12th Planet, pages 402 - 404; 1995, Divine Encounters: page 99].

Next: Mesopotamia & Nile Areas Reclaimed; Ninurta Finds Abundant Gold and Ka-in Hybrid Deluge Survivors in Peru


[Essay 38 by Sasha Lessin, Ph.D.] 

Based on Study of Zecharia Sitchin's 2002 epicThe LOST BOOK OF ENKI: Memoirs and Prophecies of an ExtraterrestrialGod

Story So Far:
Inanna/Ishtar ruled Sumer and the Indus. She'd proclaimed Nibiransto be immortal "gods."

Marduk/Ra pondered Inanna's proclamation of immortality ofAnunnaki "gods." He contemplated the human longing for immortalitythat motivated Gilgamesh's failed attempts to live forever. Mardukcould use this yearning for immortality to thwart Inanna's ambitionsof world domination as well as her specific claim to the Land of theNarrows--now under Marduk's control-- land Inanna would have ruledwith Dumuzi had not Marduk engineered Dumuzi's death.

Marduk devised for Egypt "a clever way wherewith the loyalty of kingsand people to retain." His Egyptian kings would journey afterdeath to Nibiru to enjoy immortality among the gods. The immortalitycult he devised for the Egyptian pharaohs would, Marduk believed,unify the People of the Nile behind him in his struggle with Inanna.[Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, pages 295]


Inanna and her line, the Enlilites, ran Mesopotamia. The Council ofTwelve put Inanna's Father's Brother, Uncle Adad, in control of thelanding place at Baalbek (Lebonon). The Counsel put her father,Nannar, in control of the Sinai spaceport. To Inanna, The Counciltransferred the energy source known as "The Heavenly Bright Object."

Inanna with her weapons, armies and powers of immortality held thekingship of Sumer, the First Region, for 1000 years. Here she and herlineage--the Enlilites--who controlled the city-states tributary toInanna, encouraged the hybrid Earthlings to worship and servethem.


But in Egypt (Second Region), where Marduk had retreated and deposed Thoth, Marduk allowed worship of one supreme deity: the god Ra akaMarduk, "So did Marduk, as Ra, above all other gods himself emplace,their powers and attributes he to himself assigned. ''What has you overpowered?' Enki to his son Marduk said. 'Unheard of are your pretensions!'

"'The heavens my supremacy bespeak,' Marduk answered." [Sitchin, Z.,2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 298]. The Nibirans and their Earthlings examined the heavens and found sun still rose in the constellation the Bull, marking Enlil's rule; not the Ram, Marduk's constellation. Marduk and his son Nabu nevertheless, mobilized their humans to challenge the Enlilites.


In the First Region to unify the lands under one leader the Anunnaki leaders wanted a warrior king. "To Inanna, of Marduk the adversary, the task of the right man to find they entrusted" [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 300].

In 2400 B.C., Inanna chose her gardener, Sargon, the Akkadian warrior king the to lead her Earthling armies and rule all Sumer for her. He rose from gardener to king because he raped her and she enjoyed it.

Sargon began his rise when he saw Inanna snooze in his garden. He bent over her perfect face and lightly, then, as she--half awake-- responded, kissed her savagely. He entered her as she opened her eyes and her eyes shone with pleasure. Sargon, she declared, was her lover.

Inanna convinced Enlil to ratify her choice of a warrior king. The strongman she chose: Sargon. Sargon would unify the cities Sumer and protect the Enlilite lords for whom the cities existed. Sargon and she ruled from Akkad (Agade) which they built near Babylon.

In 2316 B.C., while Marduk and his son Nabu were in Egypt, Sargon invaded Marduk's stronghold, Babylon, then withdrew. Marduk and Nabu returned from Egypt to Babylon. They fortified the city and diverted rivers from the other Sumerian cities. Marduk said he'd build his spaceport in Babylon. "In the heart of Edin, in the midst of the First Region, Marduk himself established!

"Inanna's fury no boundaries knew; with her weapons on Marduk's followers death she inflicted. The blood of people, as never before on Earth, like rivers flowed." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 301] She and Sargon fought Marduk; both sides used laser weaponry on each other's Earthlings. Sargon died while besieged by Marduk's minions.


The Anunnaki Council asked Marduk's brother, Nergal of Kuth, to disarm Marduk and Babylon. Nergal and his retinue of Black Earthlings left south Africa for Babylon.

En route to Babylon, Nergal visited Inanna in Uruk. Though she was Enlilite, Nergal (an Enkiite) allied himself with her against his brother, Marduk (also of Enki's lineage). Nergal and Inanna became lovers, planned Marduk's defeat and conquest of all Earth.


When Nergal left Inanna, he and his men continued to Babylon, where Marduk greeted them. Nergal promised Marduk, if he would leave Babylon immediately, that he could secure weapons and computers hidden in South Africa since the Deluge . Marduk took the bait. He left for South Africa.

As soon as Marduk left Babylon for South Africa, Nergal broke into Marduk's control room and snatched his "brilliance" (energy radiation source), which controlled the irrigation system for all Mesopotamia.

Enki, Nergal's father, banished Nergal back to Africa, but Nergal left a garrison of his men near Babylon, where they could aid Inanna.

Inanna and Nergal (married to Inanna's sister, Ereshkigal, who tried to kill her)--she an Enlilite, he an Enkiite--planned to together rule Earth. In an ancient text, Queen of all the MEs, it is written, Inanna "decided to defy the authority of Anu and Enlil, abrogate their rules and regulations and declare herself Supreme Queen."

In 2291 B.C., "In the First Region, Enlil and Ninurta absent were, to the lands beyond the oceans Inanna and Nergal went; In the Second Region, Ra was away, as Marduk in other lands he traveled; Her chance in her hands to seize all powers Inanna envisioned." [Sitchin, Z., 2002, The Lost Book of Enki, page 303]

Inanna, Naram-Sin ( Sargon's grandson) and the Akkadian armies captured the spaceport in Lebanon. Then they stuck out along the Mediterranean coast for the Spaceport and Mission Control in Jerusalem. They marched across the Forth Region, the region taboo to Earthlings (across the Jordan from Tell Ghassul, the astronauts' private city).

Then Inanna and the Akkadians conquered Jerico. Jerico switched alliance from Inanna's father, Nannar, to her.

Inanna's armies, under Naram-Sin, joined Nergal's Kuthians, and conquered Egypt.

In 2255 B.C., Inanna recaptured Uruk, destroyed Anu's temple there and sent Naram-Sin to attack Enlil's minions at Nippur.

Enlil commanded his army of Gutiums (from the mountains of northeast Mesopotamia), led by his son Ninurta, to stop Inanna and her Akkadians. Ninurta and the Gutiums were to massacre all humans in Akkad and reconquer Mesopotamia. Enlil ordered Naram-Sin killed and granddaughter Inanna arrested.

Inanna claimed sanctuary with her parents, Enlil's son, her father Nannar and Ningal, her mother. Then Inanna fled to Nergal's lower Africa. There she and Nergal spent seven years plotting to overthrow the Council.

Ninurta and the Gutians conquered all of Mesopotamia, and ushered in the a ninety-one year period of agriculture Sitchin calls the Era of Ninurta. [Sitchin, Z., 1995, Divine Encounters, pages 132 -172].