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Chinese Education System Essay

Recently, there are more and more Chinese students who choose to study abroad to get a better education, especially in America, because of the unique method of American education. It attracts a lot of people from different countries. And I am one of them, thus I have found that there are three main differences between American education and Chinese education, such as teaching style, grading system and educational objectives.

Initially, the teaching style is different between American education and Chinese education. Chinese teachers prefer students to listen very carefully. Under normal circumstances, the students are not allowed to ask questions until teachers finish their classes. In addition, there are few group discussions with classmates in Chinese classes. However, American teachers would like students to be active in classes. There is more communication during American classes. Take myself as an example, my instructors always let me discuss or work with different classmates, and I was told that participation would be a part of my grade.

Moreover, American education and Chinese education is different in their grading systems. In China, teachers will show the rank of grading to everybody, because they think that it will make students have more motivation and show the teachers good ability. For instance, the teacher will get more of a bonus if the rank of their students is at the top of the school. Furthermore, the grade of Chinese students is only made up of examinations. However, unlike China, the grade of American students is made up of homework, quizzes, tests, participation and attendance, in addition, the examinations are only 20%-30% of the entire grade. Also, American teachers never show everyone’s grade. One of my teachers told me that, the grade was very private and it was illegal for her to show everyone’s grade.

Finally,the Chinese and American educational objectives are also different. Chinese teachers will focus on basic knowledge. For example, as a writer said, Chinese teachers consider that having calculate skills was very basal. Thus Chinese students were not allowed to use a calculator. (Alex “The differences between Chinese education and American education”) But in America, it is totally different, American students are required to focus on creativity or imagination. And this is why there are Steve Jobs, Bill Gates in America. In conclusion, Chinese educational and American educational is quite different in teaching style, grading system and educational objectives. But both of these two educational are good. Students should absorb all of their advantages and a abandon the disadvantages.

Essay on American vs. Japanese Education Systems

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Education Synthesis Essay The educational system differs throughout the world; its viewed and taught differently because of cultural differences. Many cultures view education as a necessity of life therefore family are strict and get more involved in there child’s education. Around the world, education is given to students to prepare them for their future. The American education is considered one of the strongest systems of education therefore many countries the American system. The American education system contains many differences and similarities to the foreign system of education; however, students in the American system are not as successful as those in foreign countries like Japan. The Americans system of education has many…show more content…

With the focus on academics, “More than 90% of all students also graduate from high school and 40% form university or junior college” (“Education In Japan”). The success rate is influenced also by the teachers. The student have one teacher and some might argue that the teacher doesn’t master everything she teaches because “70% of teachers teach all subjects as specialist” (“Education In Japan”), she create student teacher relationship with is the key to the success of many students. The student behave differently because of the cultural influence. Unlike America, Japanese education is highly influenced by the culture. The student works hard during their middle school and high school since the view college as a reward. Japanese student carry a different mentality in college than high school, “ students are also widely known to traditionally consider their university days to be a social playground , a reward for the hard work and making it there…” (“ Education In Japan”) The student feel the pressured to make it to college from strict parents, this make them busy in high school focusing on academics. They view that college is the ultimate reward for all their hard work and struggle. Family plays a huge role in the success of the student and that one reason the Japanese are more effective. The parents are strict and pressure the student to succeed. The American system of education is not as effective because parents are not

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